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LICKIES is the ultimate go-to-Ice Cream brand for dogs. They supply the tastiest frozen dog treats for your favorite PAWfriends.

Let's Make this summer PAWmazing

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Idea Behind this visual identity:

The visual identity of LICKIES is crafted with the intention of appealing to both dogs and their owners. Understanding that dogs have limited color vision, the chosen color palette incorporates pet-friendly shades of blue and yellow. These colors not only evoke a sense of freshness and coolness but are also visually stimulating for dogs.


The flavors of the ice cream are carefully selected to be safe and enjoyable for pets, ensuring a delightful experience without compromising their health

Mood board :

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Concept Design:

The logo design of LICKIES is rooted in simplicity and relevance to the brand's identity.


The use of negative space within the letters "c" and "k" forms a subtle representation of a dog's tongue, subtly nodding to the brand name "LICKIES."


Additionally, the first "I" in the logo is cleverly shaped like a bone, symbolizing the excitement and anticipation that dogs feel when presented with treats. This reinforces the brand's focus on providing enjoyable experiences for pets.

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PAWmazing Summer with

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