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Product SKU listing 

Mylo is the one-stop full-stack platform that acts as a close companion to young parents to raise happiness. The platform has personalized experience, a helpful community of mothers & and experts and curated products – everything a parent needs for their parenting journey

This project entails developing a comprehensive SKU listing catalog for Mylo products, including items for Baby Cloth Diapers and Maternity Dresses on various platforms such as the App, web, Myntra, Amazon, and A++ content. Additionally, we will be designing the packaging for the Baby Wipes

Screenshot 2024-01-29 131523-min.png
Screenshot 2024-01-29 131458-min.png
Screenshot 2024-01-29 131054-min.png

Baby Cloth Diapers

Project Requirements - Creation of 70 SKUs with 12 Slides.


Platforms Include - Mylo App, Web, Myntra, Amazon, and A++ Content (Hindi, English).

Screenshot 2024-01-29 131054-min.png
Screenshot 2024-01-29 152318-min.png

Project Requirements - Creation of 40 SKUs with 15 Slides.


Platforms Include - Mylo App, Web, Amazon, and A++ Content (Hindi, English).

Maternity Dresses

Screenshot 2024-01-29 132004-min.png
Screenshot 2024-01-29 132004-min.png
Slide_1 – 6-min.png


Initial Layout and design of Packaging

Screenshot 2024-01-29 132246.png

Challenges In this Project

  • Tight Timeframe: Client's Requirements is  to Launch the new designs of  the product catalog in just 2 weeks.

  • Quantity vs. Quality: Balancing the need for a higher quantity of SKU designs  ( both  products ) within the limited timeframe without compromising on individual element quality.

  • New Software: Initial challenge of working with unfamiliar software tools.

My Approach

  • To overcome these challenges, I focused on quickly understanding the tools and processes to make them more efficient for future tasks.

  • I prioritized starting with the heavier lifting, particularly in areas of the product that required more attention.

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